Getting Alert when the "Do Not Disturb" feature is active
  • Is there any way to still get alerts when the Do Not Disturb feature is active on an iPhone? Say between Midnight and 5am?
    Another thing that would be nice is if you could over ride the settings so that if your volume was turned down or on mute even it would still give the alert at a higher level.

  • As far as I know that is on Apple, the won't let anyone access the DND and apps must follow the user setting. Not sure on the volume/mute but it might be the same.

    I have sent feedback in the past asking Apple to allow an app to override DND, but still hasn't happened.
  • I talked to Apple about that for severe weather related apps and they made it clear - DO NOT DISTURB means DO NOT DISTURB. Nothing interrupts it except for a government WEA alert.