Map Data and PrePlans
  • I'm new to Active 911, I am starting to setup preplans. I want to add hydrants to google maps is this possible, and if it is how do I do it, is this material accessible from smartphones. 
  • Whats is the best way to upload picture of building is it best from google maps
  • All map data can be viewed from smartphones and tablets, except windows devices, that's coming soon I think. Certain files that you upload and attach to a map marker may require you to have the proper software downloaded in order to view the file, ie. a PDF viewing app or word document viewer app, plenty of free ones out there. Reference the "documentation" tab on the active 911 home screen and read the mapping information section, you will find the bulk of the information and instructions provided to you there. Any specific questions at that point could be clarified for you on here. As far as your second question, I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean an overview satellite(plot plan) type picture of a building be aware that you can change the map on active 911 to a satellite view so I'm not sure what the advantage of doing that would be.