Developer Requirement
  • We receive many requests and inquiries about the release of out APIs for developer access. We are right on the edge of releasing everything, and are finalizing the details now. One of those details is record-keeping. Our APIs are going to be controlled a little more rigorously than some due to the sensitive nature of our business. Below is the registration information required for access.

    1. Primary contact name, address, email, and phone number.
    2. Scanned copy of government issued ID for primary contact.
    3. Copy of articles of incorporation, business license/registry or equivalent.

    Once we have this information, we can start issuing app keys (one per app). For each app, we need a name and , if applicable, a callback URL for alert data postback. You can send your package to
    Active911, Inc
  • Are you ready to receive this information now? We are quite eager to begin utilizing this API.
  • Yes, just send us an email with the supporting files attached, and we can issue APIs. We don't have the postback API ready quite yet, but I believe the query API is ready. You can check out what is being worked on at the Active911 github.
    Active911, Inc
  • Who do we send this to?
  • It will be nice to create groups and use the active 911 web
    site  to send a group message for
    meetings or training

  • George D., you can do this already (Groups tab)