Battery drainage issues on iPhone - splashboardd crashes when using Active911
  • I began having battery issues with my iPhone shortly after installing Active911.  I took it to the Apple Store the other day and they stated the battery was fine after running their diagnostics.  However, splashboardd (an Apple system application utilized by many third-party apps) was frequently crashing.  This is a problem I did not have before installing Active911.  After doing a full system reset and restore, I'm still having battery drainage issues (I get maybe 4 hours of standby, not even an hour if I'm actually using the phone.  As they explained it, the constant crash and restart of system apps, such as splashboardd, drains the battery extremely fast.  To confirm it is Active911, I closed all apps and then opened Active911.  Sure enough, when I looked in Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data, there was a new log for a splashboardd crash.  I'm using an iPhone 5s, and I'm not sure if it is specific to my device (maybe a strange hardware issue?), or if it perhaps this specific model of iPhone.  Interestingly enough, doing the same test on my 1st generation iPad Mini did not produce a crash log.  Has anyone else had this particular problem?  If so, I hope a fix can be pushed out for it relatively quickly!  Here is a link to a reddit thread on splashboardd and a proposed app fix...

    "Any app that causes splashboardd to crash most likely has an issue with its launch screen xib/nib/storyboard. It may be due to the filename (it appears that ~iphone and ~ipad are not allowed). Again, such issues should be reported to the developer of said app."
  • The launch screen in iOS Active911 is called LaunchScreen.storyboard, so that shouldn't be an issue.  I'll keep a looks out for any related error messages.

    The App Store lets us see crash reports, and from the last check I seem to recall that things looked pretty clean. 

    The Active911 App doesn't run in the background (we have no background threads at the moment) so if you don't open it up after a reboot, or if you double-tap and swipe up to close, it should be completely gone from memory.  Does this impact your battery life?  If not, the splashboardd thing may be a red herring.