Ideas/Feature Request...
  • After using this software for a few months we had a couple of ideas/features we would love to see.  I wanted to share these with you and see if anyone else has run into this.

    • Yellow colored Hydrant Icon?  In our area we have Yellow and Red Painted Hydrants.  The color difference is so we can identify private and public hydrants.  I would like to keep it the same in the Active 911 system.
    • Mobile GPS tagging - I have see other similar software that gives the ability in the app to mark a location and add a point on the map.  This is helpful to add hydrants, FDC's and other items we will be adding in Map data.  Currently to get the GPS coordinates through Google maps or another source is painful.
    • Map view in the app/search for location - we think it would be helpful on a tablet or phone to be able to bring up a map with out having to go into an alert.  This would be for training or the instance's or where you may not get an alert or a delayed alert notification.  That way you can easily view that location on the map.
    • Editing Map Data - it would be helpful to have a bulk edit feature such as delete all map data with a red hydrant icon so we can reload updated info.  Also it would be helpful to be able to export our map data via xls file.
  • We're working on pretty much all those items!  Specifically, we are planning on doing a major map rework effort in the upcoming months.

    Orange hydrants are available now, which is similar, though now that you mention it I realize we don't have yellow.  Good point.  Adding that to the list.