5-0 radio on IOS
  • Any plans to have the 5-0 radio app open when a call is viewed on IOS? I believe this option is available currently on android?
  • I would really like to see this also...I think having the option of a scanner app opening when you view a call would be very much liked by most. And Yes the android version allows for a scanner to open when viewing a call alert
  • I don't know if this helps you or not I use an app called scanner radio delux. In most scanner feed cases there is a 30-45 second delay, so what I do is as soon as alert comes through my phone I go straight to the app open the scanner feed then open the active 911 app. While I am reading the notes I can hear the dispatch. It's not automatic but it works. With Apple and their security protocols I don't forsee them ever allowing this to be an automatic feature like android
    Ryan B.
    Gallatin County 911 Communications Center
    Warsaw, Ky