Webview for station
  • I currently was assigned to taking on the active 911 project for our fire department. We are a 2 station department running about 2300 calls a year. Currently all 3 of our apparatus have iPads, which we use the active911 program. I have heard people talking about webview and different uses for it. I have this vision of mounting a touch screen monitor in a common area in our stations to run webview. Can people please comment on how you are using the webview, and what you use it for and where is it located in your stations. Maybe I'm completely off on understanding webview and what is does and what people use it for. I see this as a quick visual of the address and location on the map prior to leaving the station. Any information on this would be great, so if and when I go to the chief I will be well informed of it use and benefits.

  • Wayne, I currently have two flat screen tv's displaying webview in our Station. One in the Emergency Operations Center and one in the apparatus bay. The TV in the apparatus bay is tied in with our audio system through out the station so that there is an alert that sounds through out the station. If you want please email me at gjoyce@collingswood.com and I can get into specific details about how to set the system up.
  • I have also takin on this task for our station we have a computer set up to run our web view and a screen in the engine bay, our goal is to see who is responding before we pull out of station, my problem is even tho it says it is connected, most pages are not coming through , but if I send a test it comes through fine, any suggestions? Occasionally a page will come through on it
  • Thanks for the replies. So is the webview work the same as on our ipads and phones. Does webview just show the location of the calls on the map? Does it give routing on the map to the location? No really seeing the benefit of having a large monitor in our apparatus bay. I guess I need to see about getting a trail period for webview and see what it offers. I would love to hear more from people trying to convince me the need for running webview around the station/app bay. I'm currently leaning more to it not beneficial for us. We also have problems with getting alerts after our station tones or even after we have left the station. Thanks again for the comments.