Pre Plans Documents & Flags
  • We run with a mutual aid company that's has all their pre plans in Active 911. On our phones and web view maps we can see their hydrant locations but can not see any building data that they have entered. Is there anything we can do so we can view that info. 
  • yes i typed in a description in the map data field but when I click on the icon all I get is a very short part of it how do I see the whole comment
    Lt. Rich Vanleer
    Boonsboro Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • Only a limited small amount of text will show after clicking on a map marker. It seems to be intended for a quick note related to that marker, for example the location, even though it shows on the map. Ex: the marker would be titled FDC and under the description "Side A, main entrance."
  • In order to make a description or note that's any longer than a sentence or two you will need to type it in a word document program and upload it to the respective map marker as an attachment. Then when you click on the map marker it will bring up a page with documents/files that you attached to that marker. Suggestion would be to convert the word document into a PDF file and then upload it to active 911 as there tends to be less interface problems with viewing the document on certain devices such as tablets and phones.