Continuous Alert Feature Request
  • One of the main concerns our Department has with the Active911 app is that the alert only goes off ONE time.  There have been several instances now where an Officer was away from their phone and missed a test page.  We are requesting that developers create an option to have the app continuously alert until manually shut off, much like an alarm clock.

    If anyone is interested in having this feature developed, please vote for the Feature Request titled "continuous alerting for groups" under the Feature Request tab (light bulb) on the member access page.


  • I just posted the same thing.  This would be a great addition
  • I believe if you use a sound that is NOT included with the Active911, it may work.  You can download one from somewhere or, to test this, use another alert tone included with your phone for Active911 and do a test.  See if it works.



  • We discovered on Android phones you can change a setting to have it continually go off. On iOS we have not found a way. On the Android in settings, change the auto-open mode to OFF. Then our alert continues to go off until you actually get into the app and look at the message.
  • I am a heavy sleeper. I need the alert to keep going off until I acknowledge it. It seems like Active911 should be able to function like an alarm clock, where the alert keeps repeating until I wake up. Thanks.
  • Another option on Android is to load a custom sound file (as an .MP3) into your "Ringtones" folder, and then it becomes one of the options you can select in Active 911.  I found a very obnoxious minute-long sound on YouTube, and edited it back-to-back in a sound editor so I now have 1, 2, and 3-minute versions.  If I select the 3-minute file for my Active911 alert sound, even though Active 911 only plays it once, it goes on for the full 3 minutes.  
  • Can any of the Active911 developers confirm Heather H's observation above that if you select Auto-open mode to OFF, the app will continuously repeat the selected alert sound until opened? Is this an expected behavior by design, or an anomaly that may act differently on different phones, or which may go away in a future release? In other words, can we count on this across the Android platform?
  • I am an emergency physician with Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group. If I'm in a trauma or a cardiac resuscitation, even if I hear the alert I will pay no attention to it. And unless it keeps going off, I won't remember to check my cellphone when I'm done.
  • The fix we had to change the auto-open only worked temporarily.  We are back in the same boat with everyone else and not getting the alerts continually.
  • Thanks for the follow up, Heather.  I was concerned that might be an anomaly that we couldn't count on...

    Back to selecting my 3-minute long chaotic noise file to be sure I'll wake up.