How does Webview work?
  • I am new to this program. We are still in a trial account awaiting to be converted to a paid account. I have a login with PC Webview selected. How does this work? I want to have a computer screen in the station with the program and map displayed. Is this a feature that is enabled upon converting the account?  It gives you a device activation number for webview.  What do I do with this? 
  • With the pc webview you will still have an activation code just like any other device. With that device code go to and login. Once logged in, the computer will act just as a device. You will also have to give the email thats under the "agency" tab to your dispatch center for them to add. With webview it also will not route the call bc it mostly designed for station use.
  • Is there anyway to see the map while your working to upload the data as a way to verify locations?

    Mike Franko
  • Mike, the locations should appear on the map as soon as you upload them.  Is this what you mean?
  • We are not currently using the Webview in our station so when I am working on uploading new data I would like to switch to a view that shows the map to see how it would work.

    Does the webview work on the mobile applications when a call is dispatched?  How can crews see the map data we have available?

    Mike Franko
  • Mike,

    The map data is available to all the clients maps as soon as you have uploaded them.  Just open an alarm and tap on the address, that will take you to a map that will show your hydrants.

    If you do not see any hydrants, zoom in to a spot you know there should be a data point until you see it.
  • I must not have something working correctly.  All of my alerts take me to Google maps whether on my computer as an admin or inside the iOS App.  I don't see any of the data I have uploaded.

  • Check your settings. Map markers should be selected on something other than none.
  • Constantly shows connecting. Has icon that just spins stating that.
  • Wbehan,

    Contact support.
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    EN-US;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Do I understand correctly that I have to set up a 'new device' to get a device code for webview? If so, how do I need to set that up? Device type and Page type?
  • Geoff, there is a guide on the Active911 wiki that should answer all your questions.