Sent vs. Watch vs. Respond?
  • Our department / county is relatively new to Active911 and we are just coming off of our trial.  As the administrator for our station, one question I have been asked a handful of times is what is the difference between the response statuses of Sent, Watch, and Respond.  "Sent" tends to be pretty self explanatory but I have noticed that many Android users (CADpage) tend to appear as "Watch" instead of "Respond."  Does anyone know how the Active911 service determines each status?

    On a side note, I've noticed that all of our page groups get alerted on a call even if their "unit" is not alerted.  This is not a huge problem for us as we are a volunteer department with about 60-70 Active911 users but it still seems very strange.  

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Sent means that a message has been sent to that device. It does not mean that is was received however. That is dependent on coverage and signal strength, etc

    Watch means they opened the call and either didn't hit any response button or they hit unavailable or cancel.

    Respond means they selected either respond, arrive, or available.

    We are going to be overhauling this feature to allow you to customize the response buttons on an account level and selecting which ones you see on Webview. We have also seen a lot of requests for timestamps on these. That is on the drawing board as well.
    Active911, Inc
  • Hi Tyler,

         For consideration could you please allow the off duty/on duty buttons be customised to something else?

    In our fire station (NSW, Australia) We use - Code 1 and Code 3 instead of On duty and Off duty.

    And my biggest wish at the moment for Atcive911 is that the ON Duty/Off duty fuction is avaiable to be seen by all people in our station using Active911 on there phone, in the personnel section. So if someone goes off duty I and they use the app to go Off duty I can see it on my phone as soon as it happens.

    As a  Manager of the fitre station, if this feature was added, I could easily see who is around or not if we get an Incident.


  • Hi Tyler,


    Really love your product and totally support adding the ability to select what shows up on the webview (and even smartphone). As a chief officer, I don't care who's watching/unavailable and it makes it harder to see who is actually responding/arrive. Also- could we sort by responding/arrive/etc. instead of by name? Again, easier to see who is responding at a glance... Thanks!

  • There is a feature request under the light-bulb tab to "Hide WATCH status" .. Vote for it in there. It's a popular request, but we need more votes for it.  That will at least take care of hiding people that aren't actually responding and may be receiving the alerts as info, but be far far way.
  • I would like to take the contrary view. I would like to see who it was sent to, and if it was received. And of course responding etc. The reason is that for trouble shooting purposes I can quickly eliminate several possible problems as to why a unit did or didn't get notified.
  • You can do this from their Administrative backend of Active 911 via their website. 

    Just look at the call under the 'Alarms' tab, once you log in w/ Member Access. Then click a call, and look at Response (Sent XX), you can then break it down to see that information. That is all who were sent the message.If you have people who have clicked a button from their phone, tablet, webview, etc - you will see them in another breakdown under the name of the button they pushed there as well. Watching only helps if the person actually opens it, they can get the call but not show as watching for example. They have to physically open the ticket, and look at it to show as watching - and that's only if you haven't disabled that ability from the administrative backend options of active911's website.

    w/ all that being said, there's no way to see if the receptient/unit actually recieved the call. Watching obviosuly means they did- clicking a button means they did, but if they dont open it, and don't even get it - you won't know any difference.