Additonal Map Data Icons - Any plans
  • Hello,

    First of all, we love this app and use it via iPads on all our engines, and will be adding all our Medic units this year.

    Is there any plans to add more map data icons?  I have read through several of the forum posts, however have not seen anyone ask this yet. 

    We would love to see an "FDC" icon, maybe a lower case "I" icon for information about an item tagged.  Can users submit icon ideas to Active911 for possible approval?



  • Yes, we'd love to add more.

    At one time we were in touch with someone who appeared to be on a working committee making recommendations to the NFPA for map icons.  We were going to wait and possibly use those icons (so as to be compliant) but never really heard anything further.

    Do you have any knowledge of "approved" icon images?  As opposed to us just making some more icons up :)
  • How about the ability for the end user to use custom map markers? At least using letters and numbers. This would be especially useful for campuses with building numbers. Currently it is counter productive because you have to click on all the markers till you find the building you need.

    Example: The end user could just use "FDC" for fire department connections. Maybe a "G" for the location of the gas meter. And instead of an icon the building number ie "10" would show on the map. Most map data is manageable by filling out the details section however campuses with multiple building numbers is currently a nightmare on the map.
  • Shayne, that is a good point.  The icons are actually built so that we can add a couple letters to them easily.  I'll add this to our todo list.
  • Sounds great! Thanks
  • Joseph S. 
    Virtual Alabama was in contact with NFPA I can send you their contact info if you want.  I would recommend going directly to NFPA and seeing if they will allow you to use some of their icons from NFPA 170 from what i have heard they are very open to allowing some use.  They are working to improve uniformity.
  • We recently added NFPA icons:

    Our iOS, Android, and PC app support the new NFPA icons and they can be added from the web interface.