Name of responder is not showing up on map
  • On the map I have responders including myself that show a flag and status but the name is missing. Anyone else? Any help thanks.
  • I've heard of this before. We're trying to replicate this problem reliably so we can fix it.  If you've figured out how to make this problem occur, please contact support and let them know.
  • Its in all calls for me
  • I have a pic of this too
  • Any suggestions??
  • We were finally able to replicate this problem as of this week.  We'll have to update the app and submit.  Should take a couple weeks to get it all buttoned down.
  • The problem has to do with the length of the device name.  If you shorten the name, the problem goes away.  Good temporary fix.  For example, change "Lt. Jonathan Stovemeyer" to "Lt. Stovemeyer" or whatever
  • Ok thank you.