Map Data Sharing
  • I saw in another thread that map data sharing was in progress...any updates on when this will happen?
  • Not yet.  We haven't come up with the 2015 master plan yet. :)  But it's on the list
  • that would be really really nice. 
  • Speaking of Data Sharing.  I am curious to know why only Certain hydrants show up in certain towns even through that company put their hydrants in the map database.  Is it something on their end that not allowing them to share?  The one town I only am able to view only half the towns hydrants for some reason. Any input would be appreciated.
  • Looks like we're going to implement an experimental map data sharing system in the next couple weeks.

    If some of your markers aren't showing up, you will need to talk to support.  All of your map markers should be displaying normally.
  • Joseph, can you expand on the Map Sharing system?
  • Add all map data and users to one agency in your county. Then lock non members of that department out from the groups and all the map data for your county shows up.
  • Is there any word yet on when map sharing will be enabled? 

  • It already has been enabled.  I think the public interface for it may be in release still.  If you are having problems with it, please contact support.