Map points not showing up on Maps.
  • I recently added our department's Aero-Medical Landing Zone Coordinates into the map data section. The coordinates are correct, but they are not showing up on the map. When to they show up on the map?
  • Double check your coordinates.  Usually this is caused by forgetting to include a minus sign.

    If you're in the US, all your longitude numbers will have a minus sign.  If you leave it off, your markers will appear in Siberia. :)
  • I have checked it, it won't allow me to have a minus sign in latitude. It states that this point is 10,000 miles away from my location. I have the minus sign in my longitude and its saying it is correct on Google Maps.
  • Longitude is what gets the minus sign, not latitude (sorry, I corrected my post).

    If you're sure the coordinates are correct, the next thing to check is the zoom level at which the app will start showing markers. Go into the settings area in the app and change the map marker zoom level to Dense. Now zoom in on an area where there is supposed to be a marker and you should see it appear.