Sorting map data for editing
  • We've got lots of data in our maps, with the hydrants being uploaded via a CSV.  As these things go, a few are wrong/extraneous and need to be edited.  Is there a way to sort the 'map data' page by the 'description' field?  That way I can click an item on the map, see its description, and then go to the 'map data' page to make the edits/deletions.  However, the only thing I can do right now is to page through all 110 pages of elements we have until I luck into the right one, needle-in-a-haystack style....

  • Bucky, I'm sorry it's hard to work with.  We know it needs help and it's on our radar to be fixed.
  • Thanks for the reply Joseph!  I guess I'll have to make do for the forseeeable future....
  • Has there been any update on this issue
  • Yes it was fixed a couple months ago.  Just go to the Map Data page and type in a search term.
  • I guess I have a different problem then posted here and not sure if there is a resolution. I'm actually trying to search and delete improperly located fire hydrant markers that were uploaded in a bulk excel spread sheet upload. There was no other identifier other than the coordinates. So trying to find those hydrants in the list by coordinates don't look possible and the way they are sorted is not in numerical order

  • Support should be able to do a search by coordinates, and then tell you which ones to delete.