Units vanishing from webview
  • Hi all, 
    Through the process of elimination I have determined that when a unit's app goes idle and the screen shuts off on their phone that unit vanishes off the webview. 
    One of the core aspects of our group's program is a variety of EMS services at large events at 2 local state parks. It would be really great to be able to continue to see those units on the webview screen at all times so we are able to see who is closest but as mentioned it seems that they only show up when the person is actively using the app on their phone.

    Hoping to get some help on this!
  • You are correct.  The webview (in fact, all the map views) only show devices with known positions.

    If a device goes offline (user exits the app), there is no way of knowing where that device is located.  So after about five minutes, we remove it from the map so you won't be misled with false information.

    The only way to continue tracking someone is to have them leave the app open.  When they shut down the app, it stops reporting their position (both for privacy reasons and to save battery).   

    We may enable a "track in the background" feature for iPads, since they can be plugged into power and mounted in a vehicle.  But it just isn't something that can be done with phones, at least not with high accuracy.  

  • We would like our vehicle mounted iPads to report position continuously. Is there a setting to enable this functionality yet?
  • It's on the todo list but doesn't have a date yet.
  • Has there been any head way made on this with the iPads?
  • I too would like to see this feature added.
  • I think this has been bumped up in priority and should be in one of the next updates for iPad
  • Is there a setting that we can turn on to be able to see apparatus location at all times when the app is open. We are currently using android tablets and the GPS is on, but sometimes when on calls the apparatus is onscene but gps is showing at the station. Thanks for the help
  • As long as the app is open and visible on screen, your device will be attempting to report location. We do not report location if the accuracy of the location measurement isn't within 10 meters though.
  • How's this looking in 2020? I see there is a function for background gps that can be enabled with "reduced accuracy that is always on." This is perfect for our needs, but it doesn't seem to work. When this setting is selected our users still disappear from the map after they close the app. Is this by design?