Pagegroup Auto Selection Problem
  • Hello,
    I recently helped set up Active911 for a career dept consisting of four stations. I entered the base alert email address for their account into our dispatch center's CAD system (I'm also a dispatcher), and then created page groups for each of their apparatus as they are entered onto CAD. This seemed to work fine until I noticed when units are dispatched, the page groups are "confused" as to which unit was dispatched. For example, a call dispatched to "RESCUE-4" also goes to the page group for "RESCUE-1". A medical run dispatched to "LADDER-3" also alerted the page group for "FIRE-3". An even better example was a call dispatched to "RESCUE-1" that had page groups for "RESCUE-1", FIRE-1", "BATT-1", "TOWER-1", and "RESCUE-4". So it seems that any matching word or dash followed by the number is getting activated if it matches the units dispatched. Can someone tell me the best way to fix this issue so the appropriate page groups are being alerted?

    Here's an example of a past alarm detail:  (also not quite sure why EMS2 got put in twice)

  • Chance,

    Can you email the Active911# of a couple calls that have done this to the support address in my signature?

    We need to convert the hyphens to underscores in the parser. The hyphen is a boolean operator and causes miscues in database query for pagegroups.

    Also, the EMS2 is probably in there twice because we received two emails for this call, and the new units in the update (EMS2 RESCUE-1) are being appended to the original units string that was sent (EMS2).
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  • Thanks Tyler. I just saw your response and sent an email to support. I had contacted support by phone before I saw your response but the correction to the parser that you mention by using underscores would work better for us. I was advised to try to take out the hyphens in our CAD units and do the same with our pagegroups. I did that and that fixed the problem but if we can use hyphens again, that would be better for us in general. Thanks a lot.