New Zealand SMS not being received
  • Hi, does the SMS feature work ok in New Zealand? None of our phones set up with either Cell/SMS or Smartphone/SMS receive messages. The app users do receive them fine.

    Thanks, Andy
  • I think we might need to tweak something to get it working right in NZ.  NZ users are supposed to get SMS via a UK number (the US number does not send to NZ).

    Can you please email us at with your account name and device code?  Have them send the ticket to me (Joseph) if they have any problems.
  • I can confirm that this is still the case and that SMS is not received in New Zealand.

    This forum thread seems to conclude that it is only when an international carrier tries to appear as a New Zealand cell phone number that it will be blocked.

    At the very least if Active911 staff contacted the three mobile carriers they may be able to make a case for exception.

    This is the ONLY thing preventing me from taking Active911 to my brigade.  There are quite a few 'seasoned' firefighters that only have 'dumb' phones, so SMS is a must have for us.

  • NZFS already offer sms. A request just needs to go through your area telecommunications person