Bulk Upload
  • I created an csv file to upload 40 hydrants into Active911, but when I go to upload the file only the first hydrant on the list uploads. Any Help would be appreciated. 
  • Same issue.  I've saved my excel hydrant data as .CSV, selected bulk upload and picked the file.  The first hydrant uploads perfectly…but the other 60 items do not.
  • It sounds like your file may have a bug in it. 

    Did you follow the instructions in the wiki, including the specific steps required to export CSV?  There are different flavors of CSV, and if you want it to work you need to make sure you follow the exact steps listed in the instructions.
  • I did... Actually I took the sample excel sheet from there and edited it... I use a Mac so the instruction were a little different , but I did find the solution. You need to scroll down further on the save as list and select Windows Comma Separated for it to work.