Map layers
  • Is there a way to create map layers? There is so much great information that can be accessed by the map, but the icons tend to clutter up.

  • That would be an excellent idea
  • We would really like to see layer data in the maps.
  • Did this ever get answered I was just looking for a way to add hydrant layers etc myself? ideally from gis layers
  • Couldnt agree more. I have way too much data that I want to add, it would be a drop pin forest. How about individual zoom levels for each layer?
  • It's on the list.  I don't have a release date yet, but this is one of the big items on the radar.
  • Thanks Joseph
  • OK looks like this is being scheduled for work in second quarter 2015
  • Was this ever completed? Would like to add a map layer displaying our District boundaries.
  • Q2 was a little optimistic, we have not started work on this yet.
  • I agree. I would look forward to this feature. We have a ton of map data. Addresses, hydrants, trails, boundaries, etc. Layers would be very helpful.
  • For me this is the most important feature that Active911 could work on.
  • For our fire district this is the most important feature that Active911 could work on.
  • Is anything going on with mapping upgrades? layers, icons, etc. We were told that it was going to be rolled out this year and I thought it would've taken priority since this is a response program. This would be a real competitive upgrade.
  • Any updates on map layers? It would be nice to be able to select hydrants so that they don't clutter the map on medical calls.
  • I would love to see this also, we have telephone pole #s entered and it clutters up the screen, would be nice to pull them up as needed but not see them all the time. 
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but this should be your priority... :) I have tons of layers.
  • Just to add my voice - this would be an incredible feature. We also have multiple layer data . . .
  • Hi, where are you at with multiple map layering?  Looks like it has been requested by many folks.  It would be great if we could have the ability to do multiple layers in Active 911.  Thanks!
  • Thanks for the continued feedback and suggestions here! Just a quick update, the team is currently implementing layering features for the map. Progress is happening and I will be excited to share it with you when we finish up the work.
  • Hey Robert O, just checking in to see if there is any updates with the layers to the map? This was talked about back in 2015, just seeing what the status is? 
  • We just recently released the beginning of map layers to iOS. Android and other platforms are coming soon!
  • also suggestion on Layers would be to place "Other Agencies" in separate layers so you can unload all those surrounding hydrants etc.. when you dont need them?

  • Robert - you said you recently released the beginning of map layers to IOS, I'm not seeing that feature anywhere can you point me?

    Specifically what we really need is the ability to Toggle on and off a very detailed up close layer such as where the alarm panel is in a building, FDC, etc. Things that we cannot add to the map now because they'll be too cluttered when you're just looking for hydrants.

    Thank you for your hard work, I hope this is a top priority, we are collecting all of this Geo-located information now and I'd be glad to be part of your Beta testing on this.

    Thank You,

    Tyler Budke
    Manhattan Fire Dept
    Manhattan, KS
  • I've been updating our departments map data, hydrants, FDCs etc., and was curious if more colors could be added. I've noticed that if one of the NFPA hydrant colors is used to mark a FDC it blends in too well with the hydrants. I wasn't sure if this has been asked yet and thought I would post.

    Thanks a bunch in advance
    Thad Davis
  • Tyler - Follow the link below to read our blog post about the feature Robert was describing:

    Thad - Adding new color options to the maps data feature is a very common feature request submitted by our users. It is on our radar, and we plan to provide more color options in the future. I'm sorry I don't have specific time frame for when those colors will be added, but we will notify our users when they're available.
  • problem with map layer on android  g5 phone active911 v  cannot get satellite view on map layer
  • Jerre A.
    When you select satellite view, does the map continue to display the normal map or does it change at all?
    Does the hybrid map layer work?
  • There is nothing to select just basic map satellite icon does not show up
  • When you are viewing the map, there should be a button on the bottom of the screen labeled "Map Layers".
    After selecting this button you should see a menu appear that says Base Layer and it should say Normal with a picture of the next map type you can toggle to next to it. If you press the picture next to it, then it should toggle through the different map types.

    Is this what you see?
  • When I click on map layers it just says base layer. There is no picture of next map type
  • This sounds like there might be a bug. Can you post a screenshot to help give us more of an idea of what is going on?

    And feel free to call our support team at (541) 223-7992 or email to help diagnose the issue if that is more convenient for you.
  • Uninstalled program and installed. It is now working great. Thanks 
  • Is there a way to add map layers? From what I see, its either "responders" or "locations". I would like to be able to have multiple options between hydrants, preplans, structure triage etc individually. If this is a thing, info would be great.

  • I have to agree. Having layers would be a huge help for my account. We've gone back and fourth with adding hydrants to our maps because some people find them helpful while others complain that it looks like the map has chicken pox. It'd be nice for the end user to have the option, or for the admins to choose a resolution level for the map marker. For instance choosing your "urban" resolution for hydrants and rural for apartment complex map markers. 
  • Ron and Bryan H., 

    This are great feature requests! Check out our idea portal! You can easily search the page to see if there is a layers request yet. If there is, then you can vote for it and add comments about what you would like to see. If it isn't there, then please add it! We love hearing the ideas and feedback because it helps drive us to the most useful app for our customers. Here's the link:

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