Ability to send Disregards on A911
  • Just something I thought about recently. Is there any way to have disregard messages sent for an alert?

    Ex: A fire dept is dispatched for an automatic alarm and units mark responding, then dispatch announces over radio to disregard the alarm and updates CAD with notes and clears all units, devices on A911 are unaware of this and units without radios do not get the disregard message.

    Any ideas or suggestions for this?
  • Those w/ access can send a broadcasted message/alert to all A911's devices. If they want, they could use this feature to alert people that the call has been cancelled, etc.

    When this feature is enabled for someones account / device they can click an area on the map where the call was assigned, and put out a manual alert stating the updated information (such as cancelled, etc)

  • From http://wiki.active911.com/wiki/index.php/Duplicate_alert_options :

    "If your dispatch center sends multiple pages, each with progressively more data (for example, some dispatch centers emit a new page message every time a new unit is added to an alarm), set the criteria to CAD # and the action to Update"

    If you teach your Active911 account how to detect duplicates (updates), it can then mark the alarm as CANCELLED, and re-page everyone with this info.  
  • That makes sense. Here's a little background on our setup:

    Our dispatch center (where I also work full time) uses InterAct CAD 10. The automatic CAD e-mails are sent to one page group for my fire dept (volunteer). The way the CAD is set up, if any or all of our apparatus or station is dispatched, CAD sends an e-mail to A911 for each apparatus marked on the CAD. This can be up to 6 e-mails for one call (no other good way to do it right now). Because of that, I have the A911 account using the CAD number for duplicate messages and currently set to disregard updates altogether. My guys would not like the multiple alerts at all if I had it set to Update (especially on a fire or MVA).

    I guess the only way using the Update option with CAD number would be if Active911 can somehow make a way to detect "Disregard" or "Cancel" specifically in the e-mail from CAD next to the unit information and ignoring all other duplicate alerts. If that would be the case, I would also have to program our CAD to use that specific status as right now we don't actually mark any units as being disregarded or canceled but simply available (with a comment in notes). Another thing to think about also - if the call is disregarded shortly after it's dispatched, wouldn't A911 ignore it if it's within 30 minutes of the original alert? Something to consider I guess. I know surrounding departments have the same issue with their similar systems.