Vehicle location
  • When we initially started with A911 we had issues with vehicles icons not showing up on the map.  Through discussion with A911 we learned that the vehicles position will only display on the map when that unit uses the mapping function.  We were advised that A911 was working on an update that would allow the vehicle position to continually be displayed irregardless of using the map.  Our dispatch center would benefit greatly from being able to view a vehicles position at all times.  Has anyone heard any news on this topic?
  • What's in your vehicles? iOS, android, or PC? 
  • We have iOS. I pads in vehicles.
  • If you have iPads with GPS (non- wifi-only models) you will get vehicle location at all times when the app is running, provided it can pick up a GPS signal.

    Since you are *not* seeing your vehicles on the map, I suspect you have iPads without the GPS chip.  If you have vehicle wifi (Verizon Mifi or whatever) these iPads will still appear on the map occasionally, but it will be random and the position will often be wrong (or they will disappear entirely). 

    The best solution is to get the cellular (wifi + cell) iPad, since it has a GPS chip in it.  If you have already purchased the wifi only iPad, you can try buying a bluetooth GPS for your iPad; I've used the "Dual XGPS" with some success.  It's about $80 on Amazon, and each GPS allows up to 5 devices to connect if I recall correctly.  It's a bit of a clunky workaround, but it might be worth trying.
  • We do have I pads with GPS.  The last time I spoke with A911 i was told that our vehicles would only show on the map when they use the mapping function at the top of the page, they stated that if we use the external map link at the bottom we would drop off the map. I was told that they were in the process of making an update that would allow for a continuous GPS signal regardless of the map that was used.  The lower map is preferable due to the fact that it gives audible turn by turn directions.  They stated that they initially set it up this way for volunteer departments to allow for members who have the app on their personal phones to not have their location always known when not responding.  So if i understand you correctly, as long as the app is open they will show on the map irregardless of which map they use?
  • No.  When you tap on the external map link on the bottom, it exits the Active911 app and starts the Apple map program.  That's why you disappear -- you are in fact leaving the app.

    We are planning on modifying the iPad app so that it can optionally run in the background.  Once that comes out you will be able to stay on the map even when you go to the Apple or Google map for turn-by-turn.