Enh.Req. Webview Marker Density: (HyperRural)?
  • Enhancement request:
    Add an even higher density than Rural.

    Situation:  Rural Volunteer agency, covering 42 square miles in Texas (where google maps is entirely lacking most house numbers, and has great difficulty finding many county roads or state highways by their name, vs the local nomenclature used by dispatch) makes the incident mapping function essentially useless.   Most of our responders have GPS in their phones, so their responses DO display, which is about the only benefit of the mapping function for us.  But that is only IF the map is in the right place to begin with.

    We have our density set to Rural, but the default view of the map centered on our station is too small to encompass the area in which our firefighters may live, or our area of responsibility where a firefighter might click "OnScn" status.   However, if we click the "-" button to zoom out one notch, the map markers disappear.   (Truthfully, we really need to click out 2 or 3 notches out to see the range of our territory).   So, if there was a setting even bigger than rural, where we could see map markers in map scale of about a 10 mile radius, that would actually bring some functionality back to the mapping for us.    Though possibly tweaking the radius of the existing "Urban Density" setting would suffice.  And I guess this change makes sense to include on the various mobile apps as well.

    Thanks for listening and considering it.
  • We have a new iPhone app coming out pretty quick.  I'm guessing the Rural setting is still not going to be enough for you, but perhaps some kind of "all" would do the trick.  Maybe you could re evaluate after looking at the new app?  It would also help if you joined one of the dev teams as a beta tester (send an email to support to get your phone on the beta testers list).  This will allow you to vet new app changes.
  • Mr. S. (or may I call you Joseph?) :D

    I was referring specifically to the WebView PC client we have running in the watch room with a remote monitor displayed in the apparatus bay.

    I have observed however since posting this that although my individual map points disappear when I zoom out, folks "responding" with their smartphones DO show up.  Problem is much more minor now:   Default view upon entering WebView for us would be much nicer if it were automatically displaying "3 clicks of zoom OUT" from the default.   Having said that, it would still be nice to have my custom markers display at that zoom level:  I have set up markers for  the hydrant at our station, and the hydrants at our neighboring mutual aid department stations.... if nothing else to give folks a point of reference on our displayed map.