Running two accounts for one department
  • Hello,
    We are a full time department in SW Ohio. We are implimenting Active911 on all of our Trucks and Medic units. We also are giving codes to all of our members. We want our appratus iPads to only show the location of other apparatus not other members. The only way I can see doing this for now is to create two accounts, one for members and one for front line units. With that said all map details (hydrants, Do Not Enter Buildings etc.) will have to be entered twice. Once for each account. 
    My question is can Active911 take the Map data for one account and duplicate it for the second account in order for us to not have to duplicate the time consuming effort of adding each location twice?
    Any other suggestions are appreciated.
    Ben Adams
    HFD Local 20
  • Would it be useful to put the map data into a CSV as described below, and then upload it in bulk to both accounts?   Just a thought.
  • Thats the way were gonna handle it.
    We'll have to make separate spreadsheets for different types of locations then upload them indivually.
    Thanks for your help. 
  • Shared map data is in the plans but not currently available.

    What if you asked your individual responders to slide the GPS switch to OFF in the app settings?  This would allow them to see the apparatus but not appear on the map themselves...

    Long term, we may add a feature to the apps that allow each app to select what kind of responder icons it shows
  • Thanks Joseph.
    That is worth some consideration however it would also take the routing option away for our members. I don't see that as a huge deal but may be for some of our guys.
    We are a full time department that responds to roughly 12,000 calls per year.
    We run 3 trucks 1 Quint 1 Tower and 3 medic units. We are excited to implement Active911 and hope to see the service evolve to better meet our needs. As you grow HFD is at your disposal to help with recomendations as we use the service in the real world.

    Ben Adams 
  • Joseph any idea how long on the shared map data?
  • We've grown the dev team substantially, so we should be able to tackle this and other items.  No hard date yet, we are working on priorities list for 2015
  • We have 2 accounts, one for apparatus and one for the members. At the time, that was the only way we could get it to work the way we wanted