Personnel list updating
  • We did some testing and when responders change their status, or go responding, it updates the Android personnel list automatically, but iPhone app users have to back out of the Personnel List and go back in to see any updates.  Will this be fixed or is there some iOS limitation?
  • This is a known bug in the current version
  • OK, I have a user on new beta and he told me it reacts the same way.
  • It hasn't been fixed in the beta yet
  • How long will the response data stay in there? I've noticed that when someone marks responding or arrived, it only stays there for a few days so when I go back to check who all responded to that call, the log show 0 .
  • [Update] this was fixed in 1.3

    To answer your question, the list shows all devices that are currently responding to the alarm you are looking at.  So they stay in the list until they respond to / look at a different alarm.