API to push data into active911?
  • Is the API capable of pushing data into Active911? I only see 3 operations in the documentation, and it looks like all 3 are for pulling data out. I'm looking into the possibility of showing apparatus enroute, on scene and cleared, based on data pulled from the CAD.
  • We do not currently expose API calls for pushing data, but it is on our development backlog for the future.

    Before we can expose this capability, we need to do some infrastructure work since checking incoming data requires a bit more security than just putting it out read-only.

    If you would like to outline the information you would like to send to us, it would certainly help in our development discussions when we do start implementing it.  Send an email to support@active911.com with a subject of "Developer API Feature Request" with the details.
  • Has this been looked into anymore since 2014?

    I would also like the ability to push data into active911 from the API. I can certainly send an email to support with the data I would like the ability to push but wanted to check since I saw this here in the forum.

    Thank you,
  • Can you please have the API be capable of pushing data in? Where are we at on this?  
  • Bump for an API to push alerts to.