Feature Request for Smartphone Apps
  • On both Android and IOS, it would be nice if when there are multiple alerts/incidents listed on the "incident screen", that when you view an individual incident, you could sweep or swipe to the right or left to see other incidents.   This would prevent having to go back to the incident screen and select the one that you were NOT just looking at.

    I hope that made sense, but if it didn't let me give an example:  
    Lets say you have 3 alerts listed on the incident screen in this order:   "Grass fire on Hwy 47", "MVA on Main St",  and "Chest Pains at 104 Elm St".
    If you tap the "MVA" you'd see the details with the 5 response buttons for that alert.  But it would also have a thin vertical bar on both edges of the screen.  By swiping the screen left-to-right, or tapping the bar on the left, you'd be taken to the "Grass Fire" detail with it's 5 response buttons and a vertical bar on the right side only.  From that screen you could sweep right-to-left twice, or tap the right bar twice, which would display the "Chest Pains" alert details, with its 5 response buttons and a vertical bar on the left side only.

    This would make it easier to build a good picture of agency's overall situation, and also keep track of your individual response commitments (or even whether you have made one), rather than having to go back and forth between the main incident screen, and each incident detail screen.
  • Hmm, that does sound useful.

    I bet we could create some kind of agency status page where you could get a rundown on the current status of all responders for a given agency, including a list of who is on or off duty.  I think we've had requests like that before.  

    For your specific request, please add it under the lightbulb tab in your account -- it's where we track feature requests.