PC application for Active 911
  • Our department is currently doing a trial run of Active911.  So far we are impressed and eager to consider going to a full subscription.  One issue we are working on are our onboard computers.  Is there a way to place the same type of application we have on the mobile devices onto a tablet?  We have a mapping program now on the tablet from another source and would like to apply the Active911 routing map to the incident.

    Can anyone advise if they have this and how you set it up?  I am unable to make it work.  Thank you.
  • The PC App is something they are working on - and we hope to see some sort of Beta iteration of this sometime this year. There's MANY people wanting this. 

    Unfortunately, at this time - we do not have a PC Native app available to us yet.
  • This would be a great update for your product.  You would be competitive with other software programs that have routing mapping on vehicle laptops/tablets.  I would drop my current one right now if you had it.  I hope it's not too late in the year as my subscription for my tablet software is coming up for renewal.

  • Yes, the PC app is due out later this year.

    Anthony, you mention tablets.  I assume you know we have Android and Apple tablet apps?  You must be asking about PC based tablets?
  • Any update on the PC version of Active 911?  My tablets are PC version because of our SCBA air monitoring program which is PC version only.  I need to stay PC.

    I love Active911 and am using it via our smartphones but I really need to migrate to the larger tablet on the apparatus.  Any word on when?

    Thanks in advance.

  • We run toughbooks. PC app would be much better than webview. is this something you are working on?
  • We have our first beta ready, we have just run into a couple snags with making the installer.  We are actively working on getting it out as fast as we can.