Using Google Maps with iPhone app?
  • Hey guys,

    In my settings I have google maps selected, however whenever I launch mapping to route a call it opens apple maps (which I think we all understand sucks)... Is there a way to fix it so that it'll open google maps?

  • Not an apple person, but you may be able to change your default navigation app in your devices settings.
  • The setting is under the Settings button in the iOS app.  Just select Apple or Google.
  • According to the initial post, he selected Google maps under the settings button.
  • Sorry, must have missed that.  I'm wondering if perhaps Eli is pushing the external links button and launching the Apple Maps app, instead of just tapping on the address (which would launch the internal Google map).
  • I've been having the exact same problem forever.  Apple Maps is terrible - at least where I live.  It has routed me to the incorrect address for a code twice in the last month.  Fortunately, I knew it was wrong but Google Maps always works well.  I have Mapping in the Active911 settings at Google as well, but it still launches Apple.  Any ideas?  Thank you!
  • Don't push the "Maps app" button!  That's why you're getting the wrong map.  Instead, just tap on the address! :)
  • We don't want to just tap the address because we want GPS-style turn-by-turn directions. So the question is, how do we can the Maps Apps button to launch Google, not Apple. The iOS app doesn't even allow you to copy an address to a clipboard for you to input into Google Maps. Thanks!
  • I'll try to bump this thread. We are using iPads and have the same problem. Even if Google is selected the apple maps will be opened when you tap external links navigation. Unfortunately Apple maps is useles to us, because the application won't respond to coordinates, only to a specific street address. Google is opened when tapping the address, so all fine there. Is there any way to come around this problem? Anyone? Thanks!
  • We could probably add a button to open in Google Maps.

    The GPS coordinates come from Google, and Google won't allow us to send them to Apple Maps.  This is why the "external link" button only sends the address, not the GPS coordinate, to Apple Maps.

    Peter H, from your comment it sounds like a bunch of your alarms have coordinates only and not street addresses?
  • Joseph S, that's true. We do receive a lot of alarms without a proper street address. On the other hand, our dispatch centre always (well, almost) produce proper coordinates. Therefore we prefer the "coordinates override address" setting. It works very well in google maps when I tap the address field. So, on top of our wish list is a way to open google turn by turn navigation from A911 in iOS (or a way to transfer coordinates to Apple maps......)

  • Please add the capability for the external maps link to launch Google instead of Apple
  • Double tap the home button, then kill the a911 app and try again. With apple ios you need to reset the app to get those setting changes to apply
    Ryan B.
    Gallatin County 911 Communications Center
    Warsaw, Ky
  • New default is set to Google Maps but when I click the address in the notes section of the alert it opens Apple Map.  How do I fix this?  Thanks
  • Brent,

    You will need to go into settings and on the "mapping" you will select "Google" vs "Apple".  This will then set the mapping to use google maps over apple.

    If you continue to have issue, its best to reach out to the support team at 541-223-7992, they are always here to help.  

    In addition we have a Facebook community group who is always happy to help, and we provide feedback as well.  
  • Yes, as I explained I already checked the mapping settings to make sure it was set to Google.  I guess I'll call support.