Alarm Data Export for Reporting
  • Is there any way to export the alarm data to a file, so that we can do some reporting? 

    The pie chart on the Agency tab does not allow any filtering and is set to the last 30 days from the current day. Which limits us on the type of reporting we can do.

    We would like to be able to generate some additional reports. Such as the following for example:
    • Alarms by Month
    • Alarms by Shift
    • Alarms by a Specified Date Range.
  • A potential issue with using Active911 for that type of reporting is the accuracy.  It is really narrowing down the call type and that data is only as accurate as what dispatch enters.  For example, you are dispatched to a traffic accident.  Active911 will classify that as a "traffic" call but when you get there, it's not an accident - or you are dispatched to a fire that is really a BBQ.  When you run your numbers, they won't be totally accurate since you are running numbers on dispatch alarms, not what you actually found.

    Can your software that you enter your NFIRS reports into run reports for you?  You might find more granularity with that software and it should be much more accurate since you typically classify a call based on standard NFIRS numbers.