Response button updating status
  • On the home page of, there is a note about a "fixed" bug (see below), but as of today I still have multiple users with this problem. They select a response button within a call, but it does not update, and they are shown as "watch" for their status. Only when they completely close the app and re-open it and then update their response again does it work. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    Fixed: Glitch in response buttons

    We became aware today of a temporary problem causing the response buttons to not change status in real time. This was due to a server process that died, which in turn was caused by some internet connectivity issues at one of our datacenters a few days ago.

    Unfortunately, this particular server process was not being monitored. We've started it back up again and are getting it configured in our monitoring system so that we can keep a better eye on it in the future.

  • can the dispatch center see status updates (ie Arriv)?
  • deebo248, please contact support (if you haven't already) so they can help you figure out what is wrong.

  • We are also having this issue. Members push a button and it does not update in a timely fashion. Many guys have given up using the app because of this. Was there a fix?
  • Richard, this has been fixed for a very long time.  It works quite well now.  If you are experiencing a problem, please call support so they can help you troubleshoot.  Most of the time it is related to internet connection problems in your local cell tower or internet provider.