Widget Security
  • This is likely to be off topic, but I have attempted to use Webview in admin cars, and due to the temporary nature of thier connectivity (they use aircards) the application does not work as well as I would like. The alternative is the web widget which seems like it would fit our needs, but I am concerned (and my be prevented) about exposing dispatch data to the world. I am looking for a way that only my machines may receive this data either through access list of subscription codes of some kind.
  • Hmm.  If you can keep some background data going, you can keep the aircards from turning off...the PC app we are planning for 2014 should be able to fix your problem too.

    Of course the easiest thing by far would be to use tablets in the admin vehicles.  But I'm guessing you already have PCs installed.

    If you know anyone with some programming skills, you might take a look at the Active911 API and just pull the data directly