Messages Loading into Notifications but not app
  • We are experiencing an issue on iOS7 where a message from Active911 will load into the iOS notification center and appear on screen but will not load into the application Active911 until the app is opened. At times it may have to load a queue of messages that have been missed.

    Could we have the app auto load the data similar to the way messaging or mail work? This way we do not need to wait on the app to load a message we have already received a notification for?

    Also, please let us decide if we want our iOS devices to remain on or go into their normal power state when the app is opened. We have constant complaints about Active 911 draining my battery. We don't utilize the mapping feature much because frankly it is flaky if it works, we would like the iOS settings for locking a screen to work. Especially for those of us that may have sensitive security related information on our devices. 
  • I will second this.  I have several departments in my app and when I open it up a couple times a day it can take 3-5 minutes to load up all the old jobs.  It can cause a delay in trying to open the alert that just came in.
  • Apple only allows us to send a very small message (256 bytes) to your phone for the popup.  This includes various headers etc. and is not big enough for all information about an alarm (address, place name, date, etc etc).  As per Apple's spec, we use the popup message to alert you that an alarm is occurring; your app downloads all the rest of the info after it launches.  

    If you ignore alarms for a while, the next time you open your app it will have to download those old messages.  This is the proper behavior, and there's no way around this.  

    My phone downloads the last 3-4 alarms in about 2 seconds.  If your phone is taking longer, you may be on a slow wifi connection or your 4G might be having problems.   If you are ignoring and then downloading more than this at a batch (say, 10-20 alarms at once) you should consider changing your pagegroup, filter, or duty settings so that you only get those alarms that concern you (and that way they won't back up).

    I know someone will ask why the app doesn't download in the background, and the simple answer is that it would not only be too hard on your battery, but it would also be invasive of privacy since it's a position reporting app.  When you close the app, you can be confident that it is neither tracking your position or using your battery.  Once it wakes up, it normally just takes it a few seconds to synch back up and start running again.