Dispatch webview
  • I am working on getting a webview set up for 2 ambulance districts and 3 fire departments in my county. I was inquiring if we could have three televisions running on one internet connection using three different base computers so that we can put the city's ambulance with that city's fire department. We currently have one Internet connection in our facility however it runs through a modem so we would be able to put each computer on it's own port. I understand that we can run all 5 agencies off of the same computer using one webview however we believe that this will become congested quickly on busy days.
  • You can do what you describe but it will take 3 computers and 3 different Webview registration codes. Each registration code (device) would only have the agencies assigned to it that you wanted to see on that monitor.
  • Ok thank you Chadwick W. That is what I thought we would have to do. 
  • Can you change the alert sounds for webview in any way? 
  • Adding sounds to webview is definitely on our radar.
  • After the recent update our dispatch PC is not able to view when the employees acknowledge a call. Also is always asks for the code tobsign in. Any suggestions?
  • Please contact support if you're having webview problems