Sending Alerts From a Mobile Device
  • I would like to see a way to send alerts other than by email. It would be nice if there was another section for an admin to (second page) a department that is volunteer.
    Being a volunteer department it is hard to get people out at times and there is no problem with dispatch dispatching again but having another secondary page from another device is nice also.
  • I don't know if this helps you or not but you can send alerts via Webview. If you have a webview client setup you can give it permissions to send alerts. You then just click on the location of the alert and fill out the details.

    Since you can't search in webview it may be hard to know what location you want to send people too, but I figured I would just mention it in case you didn't know about this feature.
  • Yes it does help but I'd like to have an option to be able to from the cell phone also.
  • We do plan on adding paging within the app, though the devs have not given me an ETC on this feature.
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  • Sign in to and go to the lightbulb tab.  You can vote for the feature there.
  • The ability to send an alert via the app has been a passive promise for quite a few months now.  Back in September we were told that this capability would be coming soon to the iOS update.  According to the "Feature Request" page, this is unquestionably the most demanded request.  Please get this going.

  • Yeah there have been requests for this pretty much since day one.  We've had a lot more requests for other things, though, which is why we haven't got to this one yet.  We were going to have some Webview updates out about a month ago now, so we're behind on that too.  

    On the bright side, we *are* making progress on a bunch of other things.  And we're trying to hire more developers.  So mostly it's just growing pains.  I appreciate your patience...
  • Has there been an update to this?
  • Yes.  We have added this to Android and iOS apps.  

    It works by "long pressing" on the map.  This causes an additional menu to display.

    Note that this only works if your admin has granted your phone/tablet "send alert" permissions!

    The most recent version of the Android app has this feature.  The iOS app has this feature, too, but it is not in the Apple App Store - the beta testers are testing it, expect push to Apple Store version in the next month.

  • Yes, see the upvoted comment above