Bulk Erase/Export/Edit
  • Does anyone know of a way to export data, bulk erase data, or bulk edit?

    The problem is we are a department covering 521 square miles, and we want to add lots and lots of map points, but there is a concern over keeping the points up to date. We are going to try to maintain a KML file on Google Earth, but we are concerned about uploading it. So in our scenario we make a KML with thousand of hydrants and upload it. If we add one hydrant to the file, and upload it again, are we going to see two of all those hydrants we already have?

    Basically, what is the best way to manage lots, and I mean LOTS, of map points? The web interface gets difficult to use when you have lots of map points (or groups or users for that matter)
  • We are working on a way to edit this, but since it directly affects the database in realtime, it is taking longer than the bulk upload. It is far easier to allow people to bulk upload and deleted it from our side if they accidentally add too many than it is to bring back some thing they accidentally deleted. We do have sorting, searching, and exporting on the development table.
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  • You might also consider a form of Grouping for Map Points as well.
  • So...If we want to delete say 2807 Hydrants and reload them with updated KML data we'd need to contact Active911 and have you do that on your side?
  • For the bulk delete, currently yes.  I'm aware of the problem and we've been talking about how to address it (other than just adding a bulk delete button)
  • haha....yea I ran into this issue today. 1200 hydrants to delete. Thank God for Applescript, click button, click delete, click ok, loop. Not sure how long it ran, but when I came home 5 hours later they were all gone :-)
  • I also agree with the sorting. We are looking to sue this application for a regional deployment model across jurisdictions and it would be helpful to keep it very simple....so the administrator to can add groups and name them based their need. Grouping examples that I could see us naming and subsequently assigning map points to certain groups.....example:
    LMFD Hydrants
    LMFD Prefire Plans
    Stockton Hydrants
    Stockton Prefire Plans Stations 1,2,3
    Stockton Prefire Plans Stations 4,5,6

  • Sounds like a good idea.

    In the meantime, you can always get a bulk delete by calling support (they have the ability to bulk delete)
  • Hello - I am glad to be a new member of this exciting forum!

    1. Has bulk delete for hydrants been deployed yet or do we still have to call tech support - I don't see the function for bulk delete yet.

    2. I was able to generate simple kmls from excel by creating a sample xml schema. Is there a standard format for kml uploads for A911? (the output from a ESRI KML has a lot of overhead).

    I was told by another user that tags have problems in bulk upload. I noted on Google Earth and Google Maps that I could not load an xml/kml that did not have tags.

    3. Google Maps Online will only load 2000 items from my kml file of 3000 items - is that a limitation in Active 911 as well? Is it known issue that we need to break upload files into sets of less than 2000 items?

    Thank you

    Caroline Molivadas, FireGIS, Alexandria Va.
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  • Bulk delete has been added.
    1. On the map data tab, select the bulk edit button.
    2. This will open a dialog box where you can select the type of map data to change. In your case you would select Hydrant from the drop down for the Change All Icons From option.
    3. Then in the first drop down for the To option, select <delete>.
    4. Hit submit and the hydrants will be deleted.
    If a file is in KML format, it can be uploaded as is. Otherwise there is a template available for download on the Map Data section of our wiki under the Bulk upload heading. This can be found here: http://wiki.active911.com/wiki/index.php/Map_Data

    Active911 does have trouble with KML files that contain a large data set. I believe Active911 has trouble with KMLs that contain more than 2000 items. So to be safe, the files should be broken up in the same manner as Google Maps handles it.
  • Thanks Rob.
    Caroline Molivadas | Fire/EMS Tech Spec
    Alexandria Fire Department