Raspberry Pi as webview client
  • We are trying to use a Raspberry Pi computer as a Webview client in our watch office.  The goal is to have the device hooked to a monitor with no keyboard or mouse and display our webview screen.

    I can get Webview working and it will auto boot into the web browser in kiosk mode when the Pi is started up.  The problem is the browser will not store the device ID code for this webview client.  

    Anyone using a RPi as a client?  Is it possible to get it to store the device code so you don't need a keyboard or mouse to login if/when it gets rebooted??

  • Depending on what broswer you are using, couldn't you just use a form filler? For example, the plugin LastPass stores codes and does auto login. If you were using Chrome or Firefox you could install the extension, and have it store the code and log it in for you.
  • I solved this by installing the Chromium browser into the RPi. Though it is beta and not fully supported, it does work better than the 2 built in browsers and stores the registration code for Active911 webview.

    Now to get Active911 to stop reporting the "watching" and "unavailable" on the webview list, we'll have a perfect system!
  • Can your setup process (and $) be listed in about 5 steps? :) I've always been interested in RPi, and this seems like it'd be an easy way to start.
  • Let me see what I can put together.  What I'll probably do is create a step by step (with code snippets) on my website and link it here.  If you are looking for a no previous linux experience procedure, it will take me more than 5 steps but not more than a dozen I bet.

    I'll be back with details.
  • I do have Linux experience but not in a rush, and I think a full step by step would make this better in the long run for others! Thanks...
  • Glad to hear it is working. I can't wait for the response buttons and reporting to be more useful. It sounds as though our developers in the IT department want to get it working as a full MDT replacement.

    We currently have an internal version of WebView that works better than Active911's version using actual CAD statuses and not Active911 data. If we could have Active911 tie into our CAD data, that would be absolutely awesome since we could share webview clients with neighboring jurisdictions so we can have bordering stations stay aware of the status of units they can't hear on the radio
  • Nice use of RPi!

    Our lead dev will be interested in this thread.

    Chad, the watch-status-not-being-reported is coming soon...I just confirmed this with a dev.
    Active911, Inc
  • Great way to RPi A911 :) 

    Great news on 'Watchers' going away. Big PLUS!
  • OK, I think I got all the steps written down.  Please let me know if I am missing anything if you try this and I'll edit the document (best way would be to comment on the page itself).

    Hopefully this helps.  I'd love to hear how / if it works for you.

    On a side note, I firefighter at a neighboring department is working on a very cool station alerting system based on Active911 and a Raspberry Pi computer.  It controls speakers, lights (including different colors based on call type) and other stuff.  He is waiting on the final API to be released before it is ready for prime time but it's fun to see a smart community of developers create interesting stuff around Active911.  I'll have him post a step-by-step once his software is done.
  • Hey guys, we are just wrapping up the alpha release of our new REST API.  This is a much better way to tap into Active911 data than hacking the Webview.  If you're interested in using it, contact support so they can collect the required docs from you (we need a photo of your gov't ID so we know who you are) and then have them add you to Jonathan Woo's developer Google Group.
  • Is this for developers, (API) or is there something we can assist in testing on the software level?
  • It's for developers, but it's easy to register as a developer with Active911.  And if you are programming Raspberry PIs to do cool things in stations, you probably have what it takes to get something useful from the API. :)  So it's really for anyone who wants to use it.
  • I'm trialing this with IceWeasel and it seems to be working pretty smoothly. Kiosk mode brings it right up in full screen with no prompts.  I saw Chromium out there too, but I found a lot of comments that development stopped a while ago and it's no longer being updated?
  • David, do you have instructions for the IceWeasel part?  I installed Chromium, but would like to try IW.



  • Hello, I'm going to be setting up 3 new pi and wanted to know if everything was still working well with them running webview.
  • I have a Pi 2 as my station display. The Chromium browser runs webview without problems. You just have to install it since the Pi distributions do not usually come with it.
  • I'll add that we just started this as well, as a trial to see if it is advantageous for our officers/drivers as they head to the apparatus.

    Current setup: RPi 2, Raspbian Kiosk mode, Chromium auto-loading the Active911 WebView.

    My question is: Is there a way to have the map auto-load the satellite imagery vs. traditional maps without having to actually use the mouse and go over to click on it? I'm thinking not, but, it's worth a shot.

    We currently also use a station Pre-Alert (gets a copy of our print out, extracts the data, then does audible alerts based on call type/unit and visual alerts via scrolling signboards around the station with box area/call type/address/units)... I'd love to be able to replace this w/ the A911 based setup, at least with specific tones per unit or call type.
  • I know this is an old thread but we also use the RPi attached to a monitor as our method of using web view. There were some connection issues in the beginning using wifi, but once we dropped a hard line to the RPi we have had very few issues since.