Routing not working when using Apple Mapping
  • I've recreated this problem with multiple iPads.  When mapping is set to use Apple instead of Google, the map shows with the location of the alarm and the map data, but it will not route you to the location.  This works fine when using google maps. 

    Is this a bug?  Can anyone else try this out for me to see if you are having the same issue?

    Running iOS 7.4 on an MD523LL/A iPad with Verizon/Wifi.  We have the current version of Active911.

  • same issue here.
    it used to work, and for the past couple of days, mapping does not work with either google or apple maps.
    it shows the location of the incident, but no turn by turn direction.
  • Hey guys, this is not a bug.  Apple does not have a good routing API, and Google will not allow us to show THEIR routing on an Apple map.  Sigh... so for now, we can't show routing on Apple maps.
  • Since the Apple Maps are not working, I tried to use Google Maps, but my i-pad won't allow Active 911 to use the google maps. Any suggestions?