API or "External Link" to Emergency Reporting "Occupancy" program
  • We use Emergency Reporting as our report software as well as fire inspections, occupancy information, pre-plans, etc.  They make an iPad application for occupancy information that essentially gives you your pre-plan for an address.

    How do I begin to walk down the road of getting Active911 to dump me into an addresses pre-plan?  I'm thinking of a link in the "External Link" section at the bottom of the call.  When I press it, it launches the Emergency Reporting Occupancy iPad application and takes me directly to the plan for that address.  Application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/occupancy-by-emergency-reporting/id551736674?mt=8

    I'm willing to spend $ on developers to make this happen.  We have too many pre-plans to use map data points. And each time something changes (like after every fire inspection), I have to re-export the pre-plan and re-upload it to the map data.  I'd prefer a link to the application that has the data in real time. I just don't know where to begin for this.  Anyone else out there working on something similar?

  • Chadwick,

    Did you ever get anywhere with this?

    Adam Heilman
    Castella-Dunsmuir, CA Fire Department
  • No. We did use the API for our map book application but nothing with ER.
  • Hello Chadwick,

    How are you handling login? Do you automate your login with stored username/passwords? If so what is the API URI for this? Any help would be appreciated!

  • We used the API as outlined in the Wiki.  The application requests you to log in with an admin account on first launch and then stores that data and API token.

    Here is where we got the instructions:
  • We had discussions with ER a few months ago and it sounded like they were going to implement the Active911 API to get access to call info and run (NFIRS) times.  We (Active911) added NFIRS data to the API, and at last report they were very close, but nothing further seemed to happen.  I'm not sure why.
  • I (and I'm sure others) are looking forward to API access into the Emergency Reporting "Occupancy" application so we can pull up occupancy info and pre-plans for the address we were sent to in Active911.  And then make this an "external link" in Active911 so with a single button push from the Active911 call screen, we can pull up pre-plan data in the ER Occupancy application.

    Maybe a quick poll of A911 users to see how many also use Emergency Reporting??