Custom Response Buttons Issue
  • We have customized our response buttons and so far have had decent reception to the change from our members.

    We have a major issue though: We have 4 Fire Stations leaving only one more button for Scene or Unavailable.

    Those that respond to a station, hit the appropriate button. If they become unable to respond for some reason and our 5th button says "scene", there is no way to indicate their response has changed.

    If we make the 5th button "Unvl", there is no way for our members to indicate they are going to the scene.

    In a few months, we will be opening a new 5th firehouse. That will consume the 5th button allowing for no scene or unvl button.

    I am asking the fellow forum users for their suggestions on how to approach this issue while we are limited to 5 buttons.

    I am also asking Active911 staff (when they scroll upon this thread) if there is any forecast for more customization buttons?
  • Stations are called:

    Station 1 (or Headquarters)
    Station 2
    Station 3
    Station 4
  • I will have to check with the devs on this, but as far as I know, we won't be adding more buttons soon.  There isn't enough room on the screen to add more. On your screen it may look like there is plenty of room, but this has to scale to all phones, some ov which have screens less than 3 inches wide. If we do end up adding more buttons this coming year, we will have to bump something off the screen to make room for them.
    Active911, Inc
  • It's too bad we can't remove some of the non-essential parsed info to make room for more.
  • We might be able to find some way to reorganize, but space it tight because it has to work on all devices. 6 Characters per button on the iOS app make the buttons run together on the iPhone because they are so narrow, while on a Galaxy S3, there it planty of room for 7-9 characters per button. What ends up getting bumped off the screen (like location notes might be nonessential for many, but some EMS units have asked for more data to be displayed there. It is a balancing act, but we will definitely look into it.
    Active911, Inc
  • Could you associate buttons with page-groups?

    I don't know if that would help the OP or not, a change like this though should be configurable by the admin first. IE: Buttons defined by? A) Global B) Page-Groups

    If Station 2 got an alert and a member was joined to both station 1 and 2 they would get station 2 buttons, unless they set 1 as their primary.

    Although the best idea would be allowing linking between agencies either temporary (mutual aid, covering for out of service) or permanent such as multiple stations. Admins could choose what to share, map data, alerts, responses, etc...
  • Add capability for a 2nd line of buttons?
  • Something like that will only be possible with a massive overhaul to the way our system is built. We are looking into some of these things for 2014. The problem is, we have no way to make a massive overhaul right now without affecting 125,000 people. Joseph has talked about creating a whole 2nd system to basically run a bleeding edge beta. The accounts that opted for this service would have to do so knowing that every now and then something might break, but they would be receiving the newest updates long before the production servers.
    Active911, Inc
  • All you need to do is change the format of 'buttons' to a simple scrolling list of options. 

    iOS and Android easily have this option. 

    You could even keep the buttons, and have a simple scrolling option under that, that when they click it it brings up 'all' the options people have programmed custom wise. Simply scroll down the list and push the one that you want to respond to. This way you are not limited to 'x' buttons due to screen space being limited, but also gives your customers options such as Carl's situation already.
  • I don't know how well segregating entire agencies to an overhauled development platform would work in this environment. If you could some how link the development with the production system together, so that specific users could be placed in to either system while keeping the maps, responses and webview in sync, it might be an easier sell. This way, I as an admin could pick and choose users who might be alright with problems, or have second devices.

    I just don't know how you would link them while keeping the development system open enough to do everything you want to do... Interesting problem! lol