Requesting New Features for 2014
  • I would like to make the following request for the new feature to be added to the Active911 that other similar programs had as part of their application:

    1) Apparatus Status Section: Where all apparatus would be listed indicating each status of either; In-Service, Out-Service, Training, Special Assignment, etc..

    2) Staff/Member Status Section: Where when a member will not be available during the current clock time would be displayed as either; Medical, Out-Town, Out-State, Work, Vacation, Special Assignment, etc.

    3) Message Section: Where messages could be displayed for Staff/member's could read that were organized based on a start date and end date as to when they would be displayed.

    4) Training Section: Where training for each staff/member will be stored and accessed when needed with the following information; Training/School, Completion Date, Refresher Date, Facility/School, Certificate (with an attached Scanned copy), etc.

    5) Calendar Section: Where anything that pertains to them with a date and time could be displayed with information like; Drills, Meetings, Training, etc.

    6) Members: Where information could be stored about information like; Photo, Address, Phone, Emergency Contact Information, Medical Doctor Information, Birth Date, Department/Company ID #, County ID #, State ID #, Position (Member, EMT, Driver, Officer, etc.), etc.

    7) Apparatus Response Section: Where each apparatus would log their status during an incident; Responding, On-Scene, Cleared, Returned, etc. with date & time stamps form a device located on each apparatus that is unique ID to that apparatus with a simple button.

    If anyone would like to see these feature added, please reply and state which ones you liked and if there should be any additions or changes to each one.

    Damon Sherrod

    Deptford Fire Department

    Cooper Street Station

    Almonesson Lake Fire Company

    Deptford , New Jersey

  • There is a voting function for suggested ideas already under member access..........
  • You don't ask for much, do?

    Just kidding! In all actuality, almost all of these things are on our list for this coming year, but we have to complete redesign our site to make this happen. Our web interface will need a major overhaul and each of the apps will need to be rebuilt, in addition to building a Windows app.

    In short, this is our plan, but it will be mid to late 2014 before most of this is released if we don't hit any big issues in the first two quarters.
    Active911, Inc
  • We just installed Ipads in our trucks.  We were wondering if anyone else wanted a status function for the trucks to keep track of our own times.  So on the ipad when we go responding we just hit a button, on scene and available.  
  • Look at the PulsePoint by PulsePoint Foundation app in ITunes. Their app has a lot of meat on the bone.
    Also Montgomery County Incidents by Soapbox Software
  • When you hit the response buttons, we track that response action and save it to our database.  We're working on making that data available to you so you can track your own times.