On Duty List on Webview in Station
  • Would be nice to see an On duty list on the webview panel in the station. The officer for that duty shift could also see this in his tablet/phone?
  • This is something we are working on when we overhaul the website. We want to add the ability for people to log in and see who is on or off duty and send this information to the personnel page in the apps and Webview.
    Active911, Inc
  • Tyler, is it possible to "force" the people who respond (push a button or reply to SMS) to the top of the response list in Webview?

    I and others noticed it is kind of messy right now and we have to really look at who is responding. It would be nice to be able to quickly glance.
  • That is something that we are planning on working on this coming year. It is a little harder now that people can redefine the buttons. We will have to add buttons for which responses will track you, which buttons will go to the top of the Webview list, etc.

    Active911, Inc
  • I've had requests for the list to be sortable by the button pressed so that all of station 1 are listed together, and station 2 listed together.
  • So with this now available on the webview it would be nice to JUST see the onduty people, and NOT ALL the unnassigned as well?
  • Would like to resurrect this, is there any way to just see the people On Duty, or Assigned? Dont want to see all the Unassigned people...

  • Should would be a lot cleaning if this was done!
  • Saw somewhere that webview development has halted? would HATE to see this go away. 
    I know there are other ways to display but I think at least for us it needs to be like the webview, Dynamic, and Not necessarily interactive, but CAN be interactive if necessary. Using the ios app to hook to a monitor REQUIRES interactive actions to display the info if I'm doing it right...
  • Anything new on this Front???????
  • We don't have it planned yet, but I did add it to the idea portal. The link is below and you can vote or comment on the idea. This will then set you up to get updates on the progress of this idea.