"dumb" phone responds letters
  • Wondering with being able to change the responds buttons if you can change or if there are different letters for the people who get text messages like R is for responding.  
  • Yes, it is letter-matching, case-insensitive.

    For example, I name my buttons

    To Scene: Scene
    To Station: ToSta
    To Primary Care Facility: PCF
    Lifeflight: AirEV (as a pre-alert for a formal lifeflight request to dispatch)
    Unavailable: Unv

    I can respond with the first letter(s) for the response I want, and it will match the first one.

    If I had two that started with S like Scene and Sta, it will match the first one it finds, Scene.

    If you respond with something not on the list or a ?, it will reply with a list of options.

    Active911, Inc
  • I just changed our response keys from the standard ones, Now they ONLY show abbreviations. I wish I could change it back… it look stupid now… WTF
  • What do you mean they only show abbreviations? They are limited to only 5 characters in the first place. Is it abbreviating it further?

    Also, you should be able to make any changes you want, including changing it back. Is it not letting you do that?
    Active911, Inc
  • For our Active 911 we have the following responses, 

    Sta 1
    Sta 2

    How should I have my guys respond via text message, I tried it and it didn't work