Multi Departments
  • Is it possible to be able to minimize a call list for one department when you are apart of more than one. For example, my part time department is on top of my full time department and if i open the app to view the alert for my full time job i have to scroll thru all the other departments calls first. It would be nice to like click on the department name and minimize that call list. Do i make sense? 
  • how do you add multiple departments on the IPHONE app?

  • You don't, you add them from the website.

    Jeremy. Why don't you just clean out the alarms from your full time when you go off duty?
  • Jeremy, the Android app has this already and the iOS app will be getting it in the next update.
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  • When adding an agency to a device that is already registered to an agency. It shows up in red. The message says to use the Active911 app on the device to register the device with the code that is already on the device. I'm confused here.
  • Was this question ever answered? I am having the same problem. How do you add a second agency. Adding it in the website does not translate to the app.
  • Adding a secondary agency, you use the existing code that you already have, when inputting this on the website make sure you select multi user, once you have added that you must force code the app and reopen it for it to resync and then the new agency should be there.
  • I think I can clear this up.  If everything is added to the account properly (using the 'existing device' option where you type the code into the website) but only one agency shows up in the app, you need to unregister and reregister.  iOS instructions:

    - Go to Settings
    - Delete the registration code
    - Hit Done and make sure you get the "unregistered" message
    - Exit the app
    - Go back into the app and re-register using the same code

    This will cause the app to download the new department.  If it doesn't work, it means something was not set up properly in your account (most likely, your phone was not actually added to both agencies).

    Of course, if you just can't get it to work, calling support or talking to your account admin would be a good idea.
  • Tyler L. How soon will this update happen with the IOS devises. I have seen the minimize function on the Android devises but would love to have this on my IOS devise. I would love to have my full time job in front of my part-time like Jeremy S suggested.
  • Any update? Would love to have this feature!
  • If you mean adding multiple agencies, it's been out for a long time.

    If you mean reordering the way they appear in the app, it's on the short list.