Attachments to be sent with alert email
  • I'm wondering if it is worthwhile throwing a suggestion out there that would allow attachments to be sent with the initial alert via email. I'm talking possible text attachments that would populate on a field within the app, so that you could click on that link attachment and it would take you to the risk plan for that address or area. That way you are getting the updated risk plan information all the time instead of loading that information in via map data and not knowing if someone has made a change to a plan or not.
  • Michael, we have a way to do something like this via the API.  It's basically what you are talking about, only the Active911 server queries your server at the time the alarm is generated.  At that time you can pass on any external links you want associated with that alarm.
  • Is there documentation for this API feature? I haven't found anything on the wiki.

  • We are currently working through this with someone else right now.  Once we finish I'll try to remember to get it documented on the wiki. If you get stalled in the meantime, just contact someone at A91 and ask for help with the API.