Sending Emailed Alerts, But call is General Alert
  • Hey all-
      I'm trying to setup an All-Call pre-written email for the chief officers of my department.  I'll copy what I have, but when I send it (just to myself for testing) the title pops up as "General Alert", not "Coverage Needed".

    INFO: All Fire Personnel report to station for coverage and/or incident staffing immediately.


    ~Jeff Howard
    Captain, Parkwood Fire Dept
    Durham, NC
  • Jeffrey, I'm guessing that your account is not set to use the Cadpage format.  Please call support so they can work this out for you (if you haven't already, this is kind of an old post)...
  • Wait, tell me more...  I have the same issue with General Alert and we'd love to find a way to customize that. I can get the address to work but not the "Title".  Is there a FAQ somewhere on how to compose these messages?  What will setting the Cadpage format for our account do to our parsing of dispatch messages?

    If you have the option to customize messages sent from CAD to Active911 you will just want to call them and find out what the best option for your department is.

    We use the CADPage format because we our dispatch has a good handle on configuring it. I think it is cleaner then the value <delimiter> format.
  • Well, we can't change anything in the format of our messages from CAD so it looks like we are stuck with our custom parser.  Since 99% of our messages come from CAD and not emails from chiefs (for recalls, etc), it's not that big of a deal - just a "would be nice" option.  Someday we'll have a little better CAD system...
  • You could write the emails to match the parser configuration, but be sure to call them before you give up.