Webview-Add button to center alarm on the map
  • This is a feature request that I posted in the light-bulb tab but wanted to bring it up here.  Active911 should add a button/icon on the left pane where the incidents are listed that will auto-center that alarm's marker on the map.  If you move around too much, you may loose your place, or if you open webview after the incident is dispatched, it will provide a quick way to located the alarm on the map.  Each alarm should have this button to center/show its' location on the map.  Webview doesn't automatically start at the location of the last incident.  If there is more than one department that a webview device is assigned to, it seems to start the initial view somewhere in the middle between the departments, and at a zoom level that doesn't show any alarm locations.
  • Yes, the open location for Webview is a weighted location, meaning it averages the position based on the the locations fed into that device from the account.

    I agree that a 'Center Call' button should be available as well as a lock screen option, to keep it from pulling your screen to a new call if you still need to be seeing the one you are working.
    Active911, Inc