Adding Hydrants
  • I have recently seen pictures of maps with hydrants, is there a capability to add hydrants and if so how do I access this and am I able do do this from any device? I have an iPhone 5.
  • Must be done from your agencies page on the website by your agencies administrator. 
  • I'm the admin. for our department. How do you add the hydrants?
  • The instructions for creating Map Data points can be found on our wiki:
  • I've been able to add hydrants with great success! What I've done is using google maps satellite and street view accompanied with (lat/long).
    I will have open on desktop the and the Active911 member access opened and on Iphone, Ipad or a device of some kind open google maps and touch or select the area in which a hydrant or target may be and narrow in on the location. through comparing satellite view between device and sat view you can get the latitude and longitude for the selected location with fairly great accuracy. (you will have to physically verify any locations that the google street view vehicle did not access ie: parking lots private drives and so on.

    Hope this helps.
  • It would be awesome to have the ability to click and hold a location on the map to add hydrants and/or preplan locations. When out on the street and encountering new hydrants or occupancies it would be nice to at least start initial tagging of these features. Also, being able to mark hydrants in/out of service or closed road areas would be neat too. 
  • I like the long-press to add option.  I'll have to look into it.
  • Is there a way to make it so anyone can place a map data point but make it so that it must be approved by admin before it is saved to every device?
  • We were talking about doing that, but it's not in place yet.

    We'll probably make it so that users with the proper permissions can long-press to add a marker, and perhaps later make it so anyone can do it (pending approval).

    Before we do any of that, however, we have some other features that we are rolling out (long press to mark a location, to send an alert, measure distance, etc)