Issues with messages being slow to the app
  • Has anyone seen issues where the iPhone app or iPad app take a long time to process calls (up to 15 minutes from the time of the call). I have had users within my agency report this to me and actually had one switch back to SMS messaging because he said the app processing time was taking too long to process. I know that there has to be a data connection for the message to come through. I have one user in particular that states when he is home, on Wi-Fi and full bars of Verizon 3G EVDO (iPhone 4s) he doesn't get calls for up to a half hour after dispatch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Zach, is the alarm sounding off one the app and then there is a delay?  Or is the app just not getting the message for 15 minutes?

    We usually process alarms in 4-10 seconds, and that includes paging everyone out.  We're extremely proud of our speed.  So large delays are usually a result of a slow dispatch center computer, or else local connectivity problems for the device.
  • I'm thinking it is local connectivity for the device. I know the dispatch is getting out because other phones (including my Android phone) get the notifications VERY fast (usually faster than the tones dropping). The delay is that the app isn't getting the alert at all for a few. It's hard for me to troubleshoot because I don't have an iPhone. This is purely off of what I have been told by about 3 people in our agency (55 users). It will use Wi-Fi connectivity to pull alerts to the Active911 app, correct? They claim that when I switch their account to SMS that they get the messages really fast every time. 
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Ahh.  I believe the iPhones prefer to use the cell connection for alerts (technically called Apple Push Notifications or APNs) over WiFi, but they can also use WiFi in some cases.  This makes troubleshooting a bit tricky.  There are a couple articles about this on the internet; one of them is here and it might be worth looking at.  For example, if your user is using WiFi with a firewall, APNs might be blocked.  Things to look for:

    • Spotty cell service
    • Spotty WiFi
    • WiFi with a firewall
    I believe the iPhones in particular power down WiFi when the phone is sleeping, so if the cell signal is weak they might not get the APN until woken up even if they are in good WiFi coverage.  Or firewalled WiFi can break things - I think we've had problems like this when (for example) users are all hanging out someplace that has firewalled WiFi (some government buildings and firehouses do this).  
  • My experience has been if the device has a delayed alert, in most all cases the WiFi is on. I have disabled WiFi and use Verizon 4G at all times and have had no problems. As a government contract phone we have unlimited data so this is not an issue for me but I can see where all users can't allow all data to be pushed through their data plan just to insure a call is not missed.
  • If I send a message from the Web to users, That message takes about 7-10 seconds to reach the device. If I look at a time stamp on the alert, again it is stamped about 7-10 seconds earlier. However clearly there is a delay from the dispatch center (firewall, slow email, etc.) because the alerts are coming in 2-3 minutes after the dispatch. If the email or a firewall is causing such a delay, is there another form (such as text) that could be sent to active911 from dispatch to speed that up?

  • I have used cadpage (android) for a few years and works great fast response. I switched to active 911 (android) and not sure why but the response is 4-6 minutes after the call. I installed both apps and cadpage gets it and 4-6 minutes late active 911 gets it but does not activate vib or audio alerts. Any help would be great.
  • I've noticed our district is getting a lag/delay in getting our calls thorough the Active 911 app lately. Is this a A911 servers issue?
  • Erik, often times we can send you the header information for the calls coming from your dispatch center. From there, your county/dispatch center IT dept can see which server is causing the delay and normally correct it pretty quickly.

    James, the call is designed to go only to Active911 or Cadpage, not both. If you have Active911 installed, and it receives alerts, Cadpage should be uninstalled. If you choose to use Cadpage, uninstall Active911. Our page is only designed to be sent to one location and problems often pop up if you have both installed. One you are down to only one app or the other, we can troubleshoot it a little better. Give us a call for this, because we will need to send you tests and have you watching your phone to see how long it takes to get there. It only takes a few seconds at most normally to get a call out. Any delay longer than that is either indicative of an issue with our servers, which we can confirm, or with your wifi/cell data connection and network speed, which we can guess at but can't really affect.

    Adam, if you send us a ticket, we can look into this further. We can check the timestamps on when messages are being received in our servers and when they are being sent out.
    Active911, Inc
  • Thanks Tyler, I have requested for a ticket to be opened. 
  • Adam, just sent you an email with the information. Looks like there is a delay in your county's system that could easily account for a couple minute delay. The header information in the email will show your IT dept where the call is being delayed.
    Active911, Inc
  • Thanks for the quick update. I handle IT for our District, but this looks like a county-side issue. I will forward them the information you sent me.
  • Might be useful in future release to allow end users to enable time stamping diagnostics so they can spot the latency culprit themselves